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Cajun Kate's on the 10! Show!
September 12, 2008

The Holy Trinity is Alive and Well at Cajun Kate's in Boothwyn
Rob Kalesse
September 21, 2011

According to the author, it "sounds like the guys at Cajun Kate's may have stumbled upon an entirely new holy trinity."

PLEASE NOTE: The article can be found on page 26 of both the paper edition, which is available free throughout the greater Wilmington, DE area, and at the link above.

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Cajun Kate's Voted Best in Delaware 2011
June 2011

WebMaster's Note: Cajun Kate's has been named Best Cajun Cuisine in the Best of Delaware 2011 issue of Delaware Today Magazine. We are so proud and grateful! Read their comments about us here.

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Craig Laban, Inquirer Restaurant Critic
November 7, 2010

WebMaster's Note: Craig Laban mentioned Cajun Kate's on November 7, 2010, in a review of another local Cajun eatery.

"This is not to say Martin is the best Louisiana chef I've tasted around Philly (Don and Kate Applebaum at Cajun Kate's in Boothwyn still hold that edge...)"

November 1, 2010

Read and comment on Nick Carraway's review of Cajun Kate's.

October 19, 2010

"In the spirit of Tony Bourdain, food as adventure. Try everything twice in case it was made wrong the first time. Eat without fear or prejudice."

PHILLY PHOODIE writes about Cajun Kate's again. He REALLY loves our food...
September 6, 2010

July 21, 2010

Holly bemoans the ommission of Cajun Kate's from the search for the best sandwich. Check out Holly's comment in the second-to-last paragraph.

PHILLY PHOODIE updates his July 2009 review of Cajun Kate's.
January 8, 2010

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Cajun Kate's Voted Best in Philly 2009
August 2009

WebMaster's Note: Cajun Kate's has been named Best Cajun Food in the Best of Philly 2009 issue of Philadelphia Magazine. We are so proud and grateful! See a sneak peek here.

July 2009

Cajun Kate's was featured on the big screen at the latest Best of Delaware Party.

PHILLY PHOODIE recounts his experience(s) dining at Cajun Kate's.
July 28, 2009

Cajun Kate's Voted Best Cajun Restaurant in Delaware County
June 2009

WebMaster's Note: Cajun Kate's has been voted the Best Cajun Restaurant in Delaware County by the readers of the Daily Times Newspaper. You can see complete results of this year's poll here.

MINXEATS Critiques Don's Oysters Rockefeller Bisque
April 28, 2009

Ryan Cormier
February 20, 2009

WebMaster's Note: Ryan Cormier mentioned Cajun Kate's on February 20, 2009, in a sidebar entitled "Let the Good Times Roll...Some More." Excerpts appear below.

"Cajun Kate's at Booth's Corner Farmers Market, Naamans Creek and Foulk roads in Boothwyn, Pa., is a tiny counter-style eatery that boasts can't-misses such as jambalaya and red beans and rice -- and will also offer seafood jumbo, fried oyster po' boys [the weekend of February 20-21] and fully cooked alligator sausage. Takeout is available."

Craig Laban, Inquirer Restaurant Critic
January 22, 2009

WebMaster's Note: Craig Laban mentioned Cajun Kate's on January 22, 2009, in the Restaurants & Food section of the printed edition, in an article entitled "Chic Comfort."

"Homey mac and cheese goes haute as creative chefs in the region experiment with exotic ingredients.

"... every French bistro in town, it seems, is now suddenly broiling sides of macaroni 'gratin.' .... Cajun Kate's in the Boothwyn Farmers Market even gives its tall wedges of crab- and tasso-ham-spiced macaroni the ultimate Louisiana flourish: a crisp in the deep-fryer.

"Macaroni dude!" bellowed a pair of wide-bellied bikers standing in line behind me at Kate's, calling in their regular order with two thumbs up."

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Patricia Talorico, NewsJournal Food Editor
December 12, 2008

WebMaster's Note: Patricia Talorico wrote about Cajun Kate's on December 12, 2008, in an article entitled "Stuff Your Face." Excerpts appear below.

"If you know what it means to miss New Orleans, then a visit to Cajun Kate's at Booth's Corner Farmers Market (1362 Naamans Creek Road, Boothwyn, Pa., [484] 947-8914; www.cajunkates.com) is in order.

"This tiny stall, with only six counter seats, is run by chef-owner Don Applebaum. (His wife, Kate, is the executive chef at Harry's Seafood Grill, on the Wilmington Riverfront.)

"Since the space is so small, takeout is highly encouraged. Get there early. Cajun Kate's ran out of its terrific jambalaya during one of my recent Saturday visits. (Better still, call ahead and place an order.) I wish the stand were open daily instead of just during the market's hours, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fridays and 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Saturdays.

"Applebaum, a Pennsylvania native, may not be Louisiana-raised but he has an impressive resume that includes stints at Emeril Lagasse's Cafe NOLA in the French Quarter and as a chef at New Orleans' Aquarium of the Americas. He also worked for Chef Fritz Blanc at Philadelphia's late great Deux Cheminees and as a sous chef at the former Sonoma in Philadelphia's Manayunk section.

"This is a man well-acquainted with red beans and rice, the beloved Monday "laundry day" dish created by thrifty and busy Louisiana housewives, who needed a long-simmering dish that could cook with little attention and make use of a ham bone left over from Sunday's dinner. Applebaum's creamy red beans are true to their Louisiana roots but get kicked up -- to steal Lagasse's catch-phrase -- with generous helpings of sliced, smoked beef sausage.

"The gumbo of the day, also served with rice, changes weekly. During one visit, we got a quart of the deep-flavored and fork-tender smoked beef brisket, which was similar to a pot roast. Not to be missed is Applebaum's luscious, thick and creamy tomato-garlic Parmesan soup. The delicious pumpkin-colored soup, which could easily double as a sauce, comes with buttery, homemade garlic-flavored croutons. Jambalaya, studded with tiny shrimp and hunks of chicken and smoked sausage, has a sneaky, but manageable, heat. (Need more fire? Shake on hot sauce.)

"...Applebaum will provide sample cups of any of the stand's foods. The round rolls used for the muffaletta sandwich are baked by Elsmere's own Serpe & Sons bakery, and he also has shrimp, catfish, or gator po'boys (all are $6 for a half sandwich, and $11 for a whole one.)

"Takeout quarts of the soup, gumbo, jambalaya and red beans and rice are $11 each...."

November 25, 2008

Add your review to the phillymag.com listing for Cajun Kate's.

Patricia Talorico, NewsJournal Food Editor
November 10, 2008

WebMaster's Note: Patricia Talorico mentioned Cajun Kate's on November 10, 2008, in an article entitled "Big Food, Good Deal," and promises more about the stand in the near future.

"Don't miss Cajun Kate's which offers everything from a gumbo of the day to jambalaya to po-boy sandwiches. There's only counter seating available, so take-out isn't a bad idea here.

"More is coming soon about Cajun Kate's food. Stay tuned."

Craig Laban, Inquirer Restaurant Critic
November 6, 2008

WebMaster's Note: Craig Laban mentioned Cajun Kate's on November 6, 2008, in the Restaurants & Food section of the printed edition, in an article entitled "Bargains on the Menu."

"A two-pound tub of the region's best jambalaya, gumbo or red beans ($11) is ready to go from Cajun Kate's, which serves authentic Louisiana fare two days a week at the Booth's Corner Farmer's Market (1362 Naaman's Creek Rd., Boothwyn, 484-947-8914)."

Critic's Notebook: The Little Easy by Joy Manning
October 7, 2008
"...there’s some Mardi Gras caliber magic happening at Cajun Kate’s."

HollyEats at Cajun Kate's and Rates the Experience 5 Grease Stains (That's "Outstanding!")
September 2008

Rick Nichols, Inquirer Food Columnist
August 31, 2008
"Tears of Joy, Not Stinging: Cajun Kate's, a tiny Delco stand, has a bead on genuine New Orleans fare."

PHILADINING Reviews "Cajun Kate's, on the Boothwyn Bayou"
August 21, 2008

Restaurant Chat with Craig Laban, Inquirer Restaurant Critic
August 19, 2008

WebMaster's Note: Craig Laban mentioned Cajun Kate's in his online chat on 8/19/08.

". . . I did quite enjoy the funky, homespun Louisiana cooking served at Cajun Kate's, a surprising little stand in the Booth's Corner Farmer's Market, which is only open two days a week (Friday and Saturday, I believe.) Both the husband and wife are New Orleans restaurant vets (Cafe NOLA, Bayona) and they really cook here - great jambalaya and crawfish pies, one of the best soft-shell po-boys I've had since Uglesich's closed (though I understand their smoked brisket po-boy is also awesome.) The big hit, though, was the deep fried mac n' cheese stuffed with crab and tasso. . . ."

MINXEATS Waxes Rhapsodic About Don's Gumbo - Again!
August 9, 2008

Craig Laban, Inquirer Restaurant Critic
July 27, 2008

WebMaster's Note: Craig Laban mentioned Cajun Kate's on July 27, 2008, in the Image section of the printed edition, on page M6, in a sidebar titled "Or Try These."

Booth's Corner Farmers Market, 1362 Naamans Creek Rd., Boothwyn, 484-947-8914. Pull up a counter stool at this po-boy stand in a Delco farmers market (open only Fridays and Saturdays), where two vets of New Orleans restaurants turn out some of the region's best Louisiana fare, from hearty jambalaya to crawfish pies, dark gumbos, and fried crab-and-tasso mac 'n' cheese. Visited July 2008."

Restaurant Chat with Craig Laban
July 15, 2008

WebMaster's Note: Craig Laban, the Inquirer's Restaurant Critic, mentioned Cajun Kate's in his online chat on July 15, 2008. Excerpts appear below.

". . . awesome soft-shell crab po-boy (with a side of deep-fried crab-and-tasso mac n’ cheese) . . .

". . . this place is worthwhile.

. . . "Cajun Kate's in the Booth's Corner Farmer's Market in Boothwyn- open only Friday and Saturday, but worth a visit. . . ."

Cajun Kate's Named Among Top Four Cajun Restaurants
June 2008

WebMaster's Note: Cajun Kate's was nominated by Daily Times readers as one of the Top Cajun Restaurants in the Delaware County Region. Don & the gang would like to thank everyone who voted for Cajun Kate's. We couldn't do what we love without your patronage and support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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MINXEATS Names Top Ten Dishes of 2007
December 31, 2007

Cajun Kate's
Scott Neely
August 2007

MINXEATS Visits Cajun Kate's and Reviews Don's Gumbo
August 25, 2007


Cooking With Kelly: Cajun Kate's Muffaletta Sandwich
Kelly Housen, Spark Staff
June 27, 2007

Bam! It's cajun cooking this week, and that always makes me think of Emeril and New Orleans. Our chef this week, Don Applebaum of Cajun Kate's in the Booth's Corner Farmers Market on Naamans Creek and Foulk Road, knows both well. He lived in New Orleans for seven years, and worked at Emeril's NOLA Restaurant for more than five, where he learned all the secrets of real Cajun and Creole cuisine. Don shared some of those secrets with me, including how to make a real, authentic, New Orleans classic, the Muffaletta sandwich.

In New Orleans, there's a large Italian population, which helped inspire this classic sandwich. There's no lettuce or any other flotsam and jetsam between the bread – just meats, cheese, olive oil and an olive salad. When you're eating the sandwich, the oil should be running down your arms. Real New Orleans residents know not to wear a good shirt when they're eating their Muffaletta.

A key part of the Muffaletta is the round bread. Don has their bread made especially for Cajun Kate's by Serpe's bakery. Instead of spending your days trying to convince your local bakery to make it, save some time and substitute a round foccacia.

The other key to the sandwich is the olive salad. Sure, you could look for a recipe online, but Don orders his olive salad directly from New Orleans. And, he sells it by the pint and the quart, just for you.

Don says this is one sandwich that gets better overnight, as the olive oil penetrates the bread and it picks up all the flavors of the olive salad.

  • If you're looking for one cajun cookbook, it has to be Paul Prudhomme's. He is the king of cajun cooking. There's nothing about cajun food that you can't learn from Paul Prudhomme, the man who invented the turducken.
  • Seasoning is key to cajun cooking and Don says the best recipe around for cajun seasoning (besides his own, which is kept under lock and key) is Emeril's Essence.

EMERIL'S ESSENCE (from foodnetwork.com)
  • 2 1/2 Tbsp. paprika
  • 2 Tbsp. salt
  • 2 Tbsp. garlic powder
  • 1 Tbsp. black pepper
  • 1 Tbsp. onion powder
  • 1 Tbsp. cayenne pepper
  • 1 Tbsp. dried oregano
  • 1 Tbsp. dried thyme

  • 1 round loaf foccacia
  • Mortadella
  • Cappicola
  • Genoa salami
  • Provolone cheese
  • Olive salad
  • Olive oil

Slice the foccacia in half longways, and pour olive oil onto the bread. Rub it in with your hands and spread it all over the bread. Start with the mortadella and make a layer of meat covering all of the bread. Continue the single layering with each meat and the provolone. Spoon and spread the olive salad on top of the provolone, completely covering the layer of provolone.

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Focus on Dining: Cajun Kate's
Margie Royal
Fall 2006

Cajun Kate's is a recent addition to Booth's Corner Farmer's Market in Boothwyn, PA. The menu features New Orleans' specialties like Cafe au Lait, Pralines, and Beignets served with powdered sugar. Other delicious sweet specialties include a terrific Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, sure to impress dinner guests.

Cajun Kate's also fixes Cajun entree specialties such as Gumbo, Red Beans with Rice and Smoked Sausage, and Jambalaya with Chicken, Shrimp, and Smoked Sausage. I highly recommend the Cafe au Lait, Bananas Foster Bread Pudding, Beignets, and Gumbo!

Also on the menu are Muffaletta and Po' Boy Sandwiches and other regional specialties like Gator on a Stick, Catfish Fingers and Cajun Popcorn Shrimp or Crawfish. They also offer Zapp's Potato Chips, flown in along with many of the other specialty items and ingredients, directly from New Orleans.

Cajun Kate's is open 9 am - 9 pm Fridays and 9 am - 8 pm Saturdays. Call 484-947-8914 for more information.

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The Best of Food's "...mission is to offer the most comprehensive, user-friendly restaurant search site on the web." They have chosen Cajun Kate's as the best Cajun/Creole food in the Philadelphia area.

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